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Bubble Machines.

Creating a great effect with bubbles is easy; you’ve just got to make sure you’ve got the right machine to do it. And ours is one of the best, making an industrial 4000 bubbles per minute, covering any dance-floor. Using UV reactive dye means your bubbles can even glow!
Bubble Machines

CO2 Handheld Guns.

Our CO2 handheld guns blast white cryogenic fog plumes. Using a new innovative design these guns boast up to an 8m reach, ideal for stage performances and nightclub environments.
CO2 Handheld Guns

CO2 Jets.

CO2 Jets feature in some of the best clubs in the world and have been used in Ibiza for many years. Their impact is breathtaking and we’re now finding a lot of our clients are using them in concerts, festivals, marketing events, promotions and clubs. The CO2 Jets can be mounted on truss constructions or placed on stages.
CO2 Jets

Confetti / Snow Showers.

Confetti Showers are fast becoming one of the most popular elements of peripheral entertainment in the nightclub industry. We offer an amazing confetti shower solution for hire, complete with either single colour, multi-colour or even metallic foil confetti. Why not try a 'Golden Ticket' confetti shower?
Confetti / Snow Showers

Dance floors.

You have a large choice from a range of dance floors available. If you are planning a birthday party, anniversary, a corporate event or even a wedding you will find that a dance floor gives that extra bit of fun and life to the party and all of our installations are done through fully trained, polite professionals!

More info here >

Night Fever Style, The night fever floor is like the famous movie. It is mainly used for themed events and parties. The floor looks fantastic with a kaleidoscope of colour, creating some breathtaking patterns. The night fever floor includes an all around border, fitted with hand rails, keeping it up to current safety guidelines. Some people prefer to call this the funky retro floor, but what ever you wish to call the flooring it will still look unbeatable.

White LED floor - starlit, twinkling, P-light effects. This floor is the most popular and the perfect way to start your married life, giving your first dance sparkle and those fantastic pictures to cherish forever; it’s also perfect for white, snow or ice themed events.

Black LED floor - starlit sparkling, twinkling. This floor is becoming the corporate choice. It looks the absolute part in any corporate environment, giving every event the extra sparkle it deserves.

Pure Black and Pure White (Publok) is the next best choice when your budget just can not stretch to the LED versions, or if you want to keep your event that little bit lower key.

Black and White (Publok) chequered floor. This floor is made up of 2ft square (600mm) sections. It has been the corporate choice for years and is still a fantastic looking dance floor.

Please contact us for further information. We will happily give you a free quote, without obligation, for all your dance floor hire and sales needs.
Dance floors


You're looking to stand out from the rest at your next exhibition, party or VIP tent? Our giant iforcube is approximately 6.5m h x 11.5 m x 7.5m and its unique construction makes it ideally suited to a wide range of conditions. The inflatable roof gives great strength to the structure as well as protecting you from wind and rain. The large pillarless span makes this type of building suitable for a wide range of activities too, costing a fraction of the price of prefabricated buildings or marquees. There is a vast saving on setup and dismantling times which are reduced from days to hours.


We use the latest in laser display technology to create stunning shows and effects; making it possible to have several objects rotating, moving and morphing into different perspectives simultaneously. You can even use your own logo representing your product or brand.

Mobile Bar.

Our mobile bar service gives you the chance to relax while your event is managed by professionals and your guests are wowed by our production and style. As you would expect we provide a complete bar service with all the equipment, glassware and staffing. We’ll even bring the ice.


Starcloths are available in a number of stock sizes and can be joined together by means of hook and loop fastenings to provide an area of large coverage. A four channel programmable control system allows a wide variety of effects ranging from a slow cross fade to a full-scale ballistic chase pattern.
If you’re interested in any of our production equipment, then please feel free to call us.

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