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About us
iforevents was born in 2010 and is a creative events agency engaging with nightlife and corporate entertainment markets. We decided to take the step of undergoing a major company rebrand and move away from the previous name (Top1 Música), image and logo. This new website was built to drive this forward offering you all our services and more.
We specialise in offering event and production packages for nightlife and corporate markets. Most of our events and ideas are designed to be off-the-shelf solutions, meaning they’re designed to work in most venues and include everything from artwork to installation. Our club concepts are a little more specific in order to work commercially in different venues. A lot of our expertise, production and services are transferable and we’re always happy to talk about your event and ideas and how we can support you.
You've probably already been to at least one dull or quiet event this year. We've been to a few and remembered nothing about the message or why we were there. Does that scenario sound familiar? Just imagine if this experience was your magazine launch, club event or marketing campaign? You always remember the good events and that's exactly what we provide.
We deliver a full event service, working with you to ensure that you’re getting the best and that your message is being communicated effectively.
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